Universal Systems

Established: December 15, 1997
Partners: Jan Bień, Paweł Rawa

  • design of bridge structures,
  • supervision of bridge structures erection,
  • authorized national expert in bridge engineering,
  • authorized expert in transportation infrastructure.
Field of activity
  • bridge engineering – design, supervision of construction processes, acceptance of structures,
  • testing and condition assessment of engineering structures, structure evaluation, technical opinions,
  • system-based management of bridge infrastructure.
Forms of activity
  • design, condition assessment and technical analyses by means of advanced numerical models of structures,
  • design and execution of static and dynamic proof load tests of engineering structures,
  • inspections, testing and monitoring of engineering structures with assessment of technical condition and serviceability,
  • computer-aided management systems for bridge infrastructure – design, implementation, service,
  • expert systems supporting decision processes with artificial intelligence - design, creation, implementation, service,
  • specialist trainings in bridge engineering – organization, execution, edition and printing of materials.